Vintek Nutrition, LLC (www.vinteknutrition.com) (2009) was started in response to a break-through discovery to save our beloved diabetic dog. Vinny, our (8 year old) Italian Greyhound was dying because he was insulin resistant. Kameron developed a formula (Dia-Treaties®) that not only worked on Vinny, but was eventually tested on dogs all over the country. Our products recently received a US Patent. Of the approximate 400M dogs worldwide, diabetes is estimated to affect as many as 1 in 50. Dia-Treaties® works to enhance the utilization of injected insulin. Vinny lived to almost 15 years old, well past normal life expectancy of 13.

Through research, we have perfected the process to mass produce it and it is now manufactured in an FDA inspected facility in Sioux Falls, SD. Other notable events: We noticed the dramatic results pertaining to other problem areas regarding both the treatment of skin and coat conditions (Sterling Coat®) and overall increase in vitality (Vitali-Treaties®) and derived these products to help dog owners facing those issues.

Regarding a solution for people with diabetes, we went before the (Medical) IRB – Independent Review Board and presented our product (Nutralin®) for inclusion in a clinical trial. After approval, we conducted a successful clinical trial validating its safety for people. We received monetary assistance in the form of a grant from the state of South Dakota, direct funds from the participating research facility and added our own personal contributions.

Stay tuned for more exciting, life-changing products from Vintek Nutrition, LLC.

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5024 S. Bur Oak Place, Suite 100 |  Sioux Falls, SD 57108   | (605) 338-9191   | Fax (605) 373-0618   |  (855) 332-8468


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  1. Posted by Carla on October 8, 2019 at 9:52 AM

    Gidget (my 11-year-Old Pom, seems to feel better and is more lively since I’ve been giving her the Nutralin treats. I’m so glad I found this product.


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