Ode to Leo (Vintek Nutrition Owner’s Dog)

Ode to Leo:  (Vintek Nutrition Owner’s Italian Greyhound)

Lord, thank you for the 5,818 days (16 years) with our boy Leo.

Leo’s, a mostly white and slightly brown Italian Greyhound (IG) possessed advanced intuition, was sweet, calm and melted everyone’s heart.

Our angel, Leo was delivered in 2004 and was there for us through 4 major life events.


  • Could melt you with his eyes.
    • IGs’ are one of the only dogs that looks directly into your eyes for extended periods of time.
  • Possessed advanced healing skills and was also very sensitive to your feelings.
  • Was an excellent communicator. He trained us well.

Francesca, his IG – companion loved him.  With a kiss from Leo, she ran around crazily. She is very lonely without him.

Leo’s passing was heartbreaking.  Our home is so quiet.  We miss his vocalization nearing the end of our dinner meal as his anticipation of his treat was near.  He let us know when our time was up.  Now, crickets.  Nothing – silence.

Leo had a wonderful life.  I often mused how wonderful it would be to be our dog.  Although we were blessed to have him for 16 years, doesn’t make saying goodbye any easier.

Until we meet again.  Gone, but not forgotten.  RIP little man.


Kameron & Nancy Carlson

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