Vintek Nutrition – Dia-Treaties for diabetic dogs. Education and FAQ, Storage & Handling and Example Dosage


What are Dia-Treaties® and what do they do?

Dia-Treaties® are an extremely palatable, patented supplement for diabetic dogs. They may facilitate insulin absorption and utilization, smoothing blood sugar levels and preventing those pesky roller coaster fluctuations. “Brittle” diabetics may especially benefit from their use.

They also may cause a general improvement in overall health and vitality.

Who should be given Dia-Treaties®?

All diabetic dogs may benefit from their use. Most patient’s insulin doses were reported reduced by 15 – 67%. Numerous other benefits were noted during testing. (see below)

When are Dia-Treaties® given?

As a treat immediately after each insulin injection: < 25 lbs, I; 25 – 50 lbs, 2; >50 lbs, 3. Due to their extreme palatability, some pet owners have commented that their dog, in anticipation of getting their “treat,” actually reminded them that it was “shot time.”

How are Dia-Treaties® packaged and stored?

Dia-Treaties® come in a convenient resealable container.  The container is packaged by weight.  Each treat is formed to 7.5 grams, so there is approximately 60 in a container.  One container is a months supply for a small dog.  Our new and improved product does not need refrigeration as of 7/2017.  

How do I know Dia-Treaties® are working?

Dia-Treaties® have been shown to have to support insulin’s effectiveness and blood sugar levels. The ideal time to check blood sugar levels for insulin’s response is approximately halfway between injections. It is recommended this be done within the week after their introduction. This will enable you to determine if a reduction in insulin dose is necessary. If your client is home-testing, have them test at these times and report results to you. Counsel the owner(s) to be observant for signs of hypoglycemia and be prepared to provide a sugar “boost” if necessary.

Why should I prescribe Dia-Treaties® in my practice?

Besides the obvious effects they have on insulin and blood sugar, we noted numerous other benefits: hair coats substantially improved; chronic pruritis and dermatitis alleviated; diabetes-associated cystitis eliminated; delay in the onset or lack of development of cataracts.

How are the products manufactured?

All Vintek Products are manufactured in the USA in an inspected facility for your protection.  Your pet’s safety is paramount.  All of our products are made with only GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredients.

What if my dog does not like the treats initially? What can I do?

Ninety-five (95%) percent of the dogs love them from the start. The taste and texture are both different from what they may be used to and some dogs are pickier than others.  

One must try a few things to get dogs comfortable with the new smell and flavors indicated. Please see the following suggestions:

  1. Explain to your dog that it is a “treat.” They know that word!
  2. Tear the treat into little pieces. Start slow.
  3. It is OK to tear up in smaller pieces and mix in with their food or other flavored items that your pet enjoys.
  4. One idea is to add a small amount of peanut butter to the small pieces.
  5. There will be days when your dog does not feel good and will not want to eat anything. (repeat as above)
  6. Example: My puppy took a little piece and played with it and spit it out. She did finally eat it. The next time she ate it right up.  The time after that she jumped up on a tall stool risking life and limb to get it off the counter. When she hears the bag, she comes running and she is an Italian greyhound. If your dog is a picky eater, you may have to work at it a little in the beginning.  They will eat it because they know it is good for them.

Once I begin the (Dia-Treaties®, Sterling Coat® or Vitali-Treaties®) regimen and notice that the products have returned my dog to its “old self”; can I discontinue use?  

No. Our data clearly indicated that controlled dogs taken off Dia-Treaties®, Sterling Coat® and Vitali-Treaties® quickly return to an uncontrolled status as before.

Where do I get Dia-Treaties®?

Order a supply at and we will conveniently ship directly to your client at your request.  Coming to a store near you – SOON!

Storage & Handling Instructions

Please follow the below directions for best results!

The product should be resealed after each use.  

Included in your convenient resealable bag inside a plastic container. Please calculate the number of treats to be given per day. See dosage on package for the number to give your pet based on its weight (see examples below).

Examples and Dosage:

Small dog:  Suggested 1 treat 2(x) per day = 2 per day or @ 60 treats per month.

Medium dog:  Suggested 2 treats 2(x) per day = 4 per day or 120 treats per month.

Large dog:  Suggested 3 treats 2(x) per day = 6 per day or 180 treats per month. 

*Information presented at is for educational purposes only; statements about products and health conditions have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.

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